ION Art Exhibition

  • (location) Orchard Roard, Singapore 
  • (client) ION Art Gallery
  • (type) art exhibition
  • (date) 2014 
  • (status) complete

Why are things the way that they are? If you could imagine them differently, what kind of world would you imagine?

I imagine a world where we are in conversation with materials and processes.

In this collaborative world, conversation is guided by the simple compass of curiosity. "How does a line dance in space?" or "Where does shape come from?" There is a blurred boundary between nature and the synthetic, physical and the digital.

We believe this world is made tangible one invention at a time.

The Filament Forest is an invention that blurs the gap between things that are built and grown. It is a spectrum of line specimens. Some lines bend and twist while others curl and swirl. The spectrum of these shapes emerge from the collaboration of man, materials and movement in its environment.

How can curiosity make this world new? What happens if convention doesn’t have to be conventional?

Could cities be a forest?
Could buildings be light and porous?
Could products be grown and cultivated?

Digital, mechanical and material tools merge to augment the imagination and speculate on this. They offer a perspective of design and making that is more-than-human, tangible and deep in equilibrium.

project video: *click*

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