LLx specialises in sculpturally iconic spaces

We work with all types of people - businesses looking for a market edge, community groups wanting to gather in inspirational spaces and home owners with a discerning taste for unique design.

At LLx, we believe that great design means more than clean lines or trendy finishes. Our clients come to us for sculptural spaces that answers to the demands of user experience and construction pragmatics.

Your project designed by LLx will have the sculptural touch that people remember.

What is Sculptural Design? 

It means we take a sculptor's attitude to space.

Why are so many spaces practical boxes? Because many times, the design attitude is a purely pragmatic 2D layout with materials added after.

A sculptural attitude means we consider projects to be a 3-dimensional work of art that must exceed the pragmatic.

To us, sculptural design is shaping form, light and materials in all 3 dimensions to create a richer, moving experience for people.

Why spend on Design when the market is trending towards Design&Build?

We're committed quality and because of that, we focus on design-only. 

For a discerning client, specialization means a better product and service. For example, in fine dining, why are there still chefs, sommeliers and patissiers? Because of quality. Through their disciplinary focus, they are able to each give you a highly refined product that McDonalds cannot.

The dark side of design and build is also a lack of transparency in scope and pricing. This serves to benefit the contractor and not the client. Our clients appreciate the transparency our design specialization brings because there is no conflict of interest. The designer and the builder keep each other accountable and the client sleeps soundly knowing that every dollar is doing its proper job.

Where are you pushing your design agenda in the next 2-5 years?

The environment is overwhelmingly built up of stacked boxes. Our design agenda is to transform some of these spaces to richer, three-dimensional experiences because this adds verve to life. 

We're looking for ambitious briefs bordering on the outrageous. For example, The Wedding Chapel needed us to transform an industrial space into something magical and timeless!

To expand our design impact, we're also starting a new initiative in 2017 called "xProjects". We'll be partnering up with value-aligned organisations to design sculptural spaces to uplift and motivate Asia's youth and elderly.

Interested organisations can get in touch with us by sending us an email to [email protected]

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