Anatomies of Desire Exhibition

  • (location) Singapore
  • (client) Affordable Art Fair
  • (type) installation
  • (date) 2014
  • (status) complete
  • (awards) Young Talent Award 2013

Imagine a herd of digital creatures swarming over a virtual carcass: consuming it to live or die...

“Anatomies of Desire” continues an ongoing ambition in creating resonance between the abstract world of data/algorithms and the experienced world of form/material.

A creature’s behaviour is the algorithmic resolution between two opposite desires: the collective herd instinct to follow and individual desire to act. The algorithm underpins the base logic found in many natural dynamic systems, such as birds flocking, schools of fi sh swimming and the drift of clouds in weather.

A pen guided by a robotic interface traces these individual trajectories into a choreographed score of lines on paper.

From the collective trails of these creatures, a portrait of the carcass emerges. In essence, this is a trace of conflicting desires: to eat, wander, flock or follow.

Biases in these desires orchestrate different qualities of portrait: lines that squeeze or relax, paths that align or diverge.

No two portraits are the same, but they occupy the same logical landscape. Each provoke different emotional readings, suggesting that the division between logic and emotion may not be so far apart after all...

project video: *click*

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