The Wedding Chapel

  • (location) Eunos, Singapore
  • (client) The Chapel @ Imaginarium
  • (type) Commission
  • (date) 2016
  • (status) built

The Wedding Chapel is designed to contrast with the industrial context of Eunos. Entering it is meant to give a sense of surprise. To achieve this, we focused the design effort on a single strong gesture: the arched procession. 

A symmetrical arch design stretches across the space to emphasize the central walkway. In elevation, the curve of the arch gently rise to give a sense of procession for the bride as she walks down. The change in section elongates the space and gives a dramatic perspective. 

The arches alternate between two profiles to give a sense of rhythm. One profile is a flat faced arch to catch the light. The other profile is a recessed face arch to create shadow. The lighting emphasizes this rhythm with an alternating up/down cast to catch the curvature of the arches. 

The stage at the end is made from curved stair profiles. On stage, this creates a curved frame for the bride and groom: the curve of the ceiling on top and the curve of the steps below. 

The profiles are CNC cut 1mm mild steel and welded in-situ. All services are concealed above the cage.

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